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Andrew Wolfe

Andrew loves all things sport and fitness related and sharing that passion with others. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Rehabilitations Psychology. He played baseball through the collegiate level spending a majority of his time as a pitcher.  Andrew then went on to graduate with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences. He has a passion working with athletes to not only help them return from injury but also train specifically to make them the best they can be at their sport. Andrew was trained working with a variety of professional athletes to help them recover from their sport related injuries. At Forward Andrew teaches baseball and basketball lessons and works with athletes on return to sports and sports rehab.

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Taylor DeValk

Taylor Devalk loves working with kids and helping them develop their full potential in whatever sport they are interested in. Taylor has a degree in adaptive physical education and physical therapy from uw-madison. Taylor is an avid golfer and coaches little league baseball. at Forward, taylor teaches athlete conditioning, golf lessons, private baseball pitching, hitting and fielding lessons and baseball skills development.

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Lily Buckley

Lily Buckley is the manager at Forward Athletics. She is originally from Menomonie, Wisconsin. She spent her collegiate softball career playing shortstop at UW-River Falls before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota to earn her MA in Sports Management. Lily has 5 years of experience coaching collegiate softball. In her free time, Lily loves taking her dog, Winston, to her cabin. Lily coaches private softball lessons and various classes at Forward including Softball Skills Development and Athlete Conditioning. contact lily at for private lessons!


Becky Churley

Becky has always been passionate about self improvement and supporting others to achieve their full potential. She believes that all are truly capable of achieving their desires if they have the right motivation, attitude and accountability systems in place.  She has a wide array of experience and knowledge in the wellness world including coaching, personal training, leading fitness classes, nutrition programming, yogic philosophy, functional fitness, marathon training, and even a little roller derby. Becky has achieved her ACE personal training certification, is a certified life coach and a certified yoga instructor.  When you work with Becky, you can expect highly customized programs, ongoing support both in and out of the gym, challenging work but also a whole lot of fun. becky teaches yoga sculpt and yoga cardio flow at forward. Email becky at for an appointment.


Kelly Winckler

Kelly loves to motivate and encourage people to reach their individual fitness goals. Kelly is originally from Deforest Wisconsin and in college was a D1 swimmer for the University or Wisconsin - Madison.  After college she explored open water swimming, swimming the Maui Channel, and competed in the Madison full Ironman.  She has many experienced years coaching swimming and leading group fitness. Kelly teaches the HIIT classes here at Forward.  You can expect a fun totally body workout that challenges you! 


Mikayla Chryst 

Mikayla is passionate about sports and fitness, and loves sharing that passion with kids. She is originally from Madison, WI. She played Division 1 soccer at the University of Pittsburgh while getting her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. She then went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh. At Forward, Mikayla teaches strength and conditioning classes, various sports camps, adaptive sports classes, and soccer skills development classes. 

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