The Studio

The Studio is designed to foster wellness and strength from the inside out. This space offers both group and individuals options that include yoga, fitness and life coaching.

private Yoga instruction

Private yoga instruction is an incredibly personalized experience at Forward in which your unique goals are utilized to develop yoga classes.  This is an ideal experience for someone who is just getting started with yoga, working through an injury/chronic condition, aiming to reduce overall stress, wanting to learn more advanced postures or new postures, has a desire to learn yogic principles, breathing techniques, asanas and the emotional system, or simply wants a tailored experience based on where they are that day.  Sessions are recommended a minimum of 60 minutes/1x per week and can be scheduled virtually or in person. 

Personal Training

Personal training sessions at Forward involve the use of functional movement patterns and science-backed workouts to provide you an efficient and effective way to achieve your individual goals.  We utilize the 4 pillars of health (exercise, nutrition, recovery and sleep) to support you in your wellness journey.  With personal training, you not only receive customized and motivating workouts in the gym, but you'll also receive home workouts, recovery recommendations and ongoing nutrition support. Sessions are recommended a minimum of 60 minutes/1x per week and can be scheduled virtually or in person.

Life coaching 

Life coaching is an individualized, 1:1 future-focused process in which a life coach supports and guides a person in achieving a specific goal or working towards intended outcomes to enhance their overall quality of life. Sessions will involve thoughtful questions, visualizing outcomes, identifying barriers, and use of visual organizers to identify strategies to work towards positive outcomes.  A coach will use accountability systems to ensure progress is made and that the individual's unique motivations remain intact.  If you are looking to tap into your potential and achieve those dreams and desires you've always had in the back of your mind, life coaching is the perfect tool to make those a reality.  Life coaching sessions are scheduled as a monthly package, are 30 minutes in length and can be in person or virtually.

meet the instructor

Becky lotto

Becky has always been passionate about self improvement and supporting others to achieve their full potential. She believes that all are truly capable of achieving their desires if they have the right motivation, attitude and accountability systems in place.  She has a wide array of experience and knowledge in the wellness world including coaching, personal training, leading fitness classes, nutrition programming, yogic philosophy, functional fitness, marathon training, and even a little roller derby. Becky has achieved her ACE personal training certification, is a certified life coach and a certified yoga instructor.  When you work with Becky, you can expect highly customized programs, ongoing support both in and out of the gym, challenging work but also a whole lot of fun.

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